Back In Time Slots

Designed by Betsoft, Back in Time Slots is a wonderfully amusing and lucrative slot game. It may seem classic at first glance, but it offers a fabulous way to garner lots of payouts. Imagine playing the game we all know – Tic, Tac, Toe; well Back in Time is similar in that you can place a hold on any of the reels before the next spin. Any spin can pay out in four directions. Let’s take a closer look at this slot game.

Game Facts

A 3-reel, 8-payline slot makes this classic slot unique. The coin size varies from 2 cents to $1, playing the max of 40 coins per spin. It has a max jackpot of $250, playing 5 coins per line. Interestingly enough, the pay table is very different than the normal pay table in that it does not give info about the game, but allows you to choose how many coins you will play per line; shows the symbols and the amount of the payouts according to the number of coins you play per line for each symbol. Moreover, each line has its own bets from 8, 16, 24, 32, or 40.

The Stone Age

The symbols in Back in Time slots reflect the theme in a very cute way. They include: the Back in Time Logo, triple severs, rocks, Dinomite eggs in three colors, and the baby dinosaur that stands to the right of the slot machine. There are no scatters in this slot game, but there is a wild symbol and a bonus symbol, which is the rock.

Hold the Reels Feature

This is what makes this game so much fun to play. You can hold any of the reels before you spin, which makes for many turns to win lucrative payouts. For example, you can hold the wilds, or the eggs, or the Dinomite symbols. The payouts are reflected in the payable. The rock symbol will take you to a bonus game when all three rock symbols appear. Note: as long as you have two of the same symbols on any given reel, you can hold as many like symbols as you can.

Bonus Game

When you get all three rocks, you will activate the bonus game. Here you will be asked to choose three of the blank reels and then Dinomo will throw a rock at each of these reels revealing an icon. If all three icons match, you will be awarded bonus credits.

Play Back in Time

We invite you to play Betsoft’s Back in Time slots at our recommended casino. It’s fun to play, lucrative, and an excellent start for new online slot players as well.