The Bees Slots

Bees have popped up in slots before, although they are far from the most popular insect to appear in such games. Will these ones sting you or are they helpful little guys and girls?

Betsoft has been inspired by the activities of bees, so we can enjoy meeting them in their natural habitat when we play this game.

Reels and lines formation

With five reels present when the game loads, you might expect lots of paylines. However, you only get nine here.

Coin values in action

Two cents is the cheapest coin value in play. Meanwhile, you can choose from higher-valued coins to ramp up the total spin bet to $150.

Does this slot contain any special symbols?

Look out for two bees with a tree. This is the wild of the game and is helpfully labeled like this too. All but one of the other symbols can be replaced by this. The one exception is the honeypot.

The Bees bonus features

There is a bonus to trigger in The Bees, but it isn’t triggered with just one symbol. Instead, you need three symbols in this order on reels two, three, and four – the male bee, the logo for the game, and the female bee. Only by getting them in that order will the bonus begin.

Once you’re in, you can spend time picking some flowers. How lovely! But there is more to it than this. When the raindrops come down, you must catch as many as you can. The drops bring you swap icons to use in the main game once the bonus has ended. Meanwhile, the flowers will bring you prizes.

There are bees around too, of course, so try and avoid them otherwise you may get stung. The bonus game does have some hidden bee spray too though, so if you find this you can treat those stings.

You can see this bonus has some interesting elements in it. Suffice to say we have never seen a bonus quite like this one before… or since!

Download and play The Bees slot today… and try not to get stung!

The Bees is a buzzy good slot to play, wouldn’t you say? It has coins for every budget and lots of entertainment as well. No free spins to win here, but that bonus feature will more than make up for it.