Enchanted Slots

Some slot games immediately draw you in with their superb game screens and engaging look and feel. Enchanted, a great slots game from Betsoft, is one such game. Check out the friendly faces that will greet you when you start playing and you’ll see just how impressive the game is.

With enchanting colors, great additional features and lots to play for, you’ll be glad you had the chance to try the game for real. Read on to find out more about it.

How many reels and paylines does the game offer?

There are five reels in play here and 30 paylines, so you’re getting a great chance of winning more than one prize per spin if you get lucky.

What are your minimum and maximum bet options?

You can bet from 5 cents to $1 on each line, with a chance to go for between one and five coins per active payline as well.

What are the special symbols in use in Enchanted?

You can look out for the spellbook in the reels, because three of these on a single payline will trigger a free spins feature. There is also a chance to get an Enchanted symbol in the second of the three positions required, and if you can do this you’ll end up with even more features to enjoy.

Is there a bonus round to try and play?

Yes and it is called Crazy Hat’s Crazy Reels. You only need two hats minimum to trigger the game, so try your luck now. There is another bonus feature too, called Tonk’s Tinkering Doors. Golden keys appear on the 5th reel only, but when you get three of them you can unlock the feature. Even better is the Feera’s Birdie bonus round, which is triggered by finding two symbols side-by-side during play – the Feera and Rufus symbols.

Enjoy Enchanted now for superb slots game play!

The 3D nature of this game really makes it pop out and it provides sensational gaming throughout the experience. Enchanted is a popular game and for good reason too, especially since there are lots of bonus games and features to play for.

A lot of detail has gone into the game and this makes it more appealing to play too. If you are used to 2D games and you try this one for size, you’ll want to continue playing Enchanted for quite some time.