Ghouls Gold Slots

Ghouls Gold Slots is designed by Betsoft, and is a very different kind of slot game. Although there are no scatter symbols or multipliers, there is a wild symbol and an interactive bonus game. Although I appreciate the attempt made to entice slot players to play this particular slot game, I wasn’t at all fond of it due to the make-up of the game, and the short time given in the bonus round. But, you will be able to judge whether Ghouls Gold Slots is for you.

Game Facts

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you will have to get three Jackpot Icons on any active pay line. With 3 reels and 3 pay lines, the object of this game is to hold any like symbols on the bottom line, and then spin to see if you can match the symbols to win payouts. There is a wild symbol that substitutes for all symbols except the Jackpot icon. The coin sizes range from 2 cents to 50 cents. The progressive jackpot is shown in red on the left side of the machine, and below that are the credits, the bet, the win, and your balance. Next to them are three buttons: Bet per Line, Bet Max, and Spin.


As always, we recommend you bet the max in this game in order to get those payouts on the board. You will have to read the pay table in order to get a true sense of how this slot machine operates and pays out. The symbols include: The Ghost Bonus Round, a Haunted House, a Bag of Money, a Cauldron, Bats, Candle, Green and Yellow 7s. Note that you can easily get the Ghost Bonus Round if they appear on the bottom reel. But the Bonus round itself requires you to be fast on the clicker.

Bonus Round

When you get three Ghost Bonus Round symbols, you will be taken to another page where ghosts will begin rising from the bottom of the screen. There are ghosts of different colors, and your task is to click on as many of them as you can. They rise up very fast, so you don’t have much time. “Hurry” is the key word in this game. By doing so, you will earn extra coins, as each color ghost represents a specific number.

Play Ghouls Gold Slots

If you love a challenge, this slot is for you. Thus, we invite you to play Ghouls Gold Slots at our featured casinos.

Play the 3 x 3 Hold Slot Ghouls Gold at Bet Online Casino

Bet Online Casino has plenty of great, colorful and engaging slots games for you to try. Today we’re going to focus on Ghouls Gold, a game that may not appear to be anything special at first… until you take a closer look.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This game has just three reels and three paylines, but this doesn’t even begin to describe the game itself, as you will see shortly.

What are the maximum and minimum bets?

The coins you can wager with can be worth anything from two cents to a dollar each. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin are 15. So you can bet between one and five coins per line.

Are there any special symbols?

Yes, you’ll see a as well. You will also find a golden coin symbol that acts as the wild. When you spin you only spin the first reel to start with. This then gives you a chance to hold one or more of the reels. The top two reels then spin to provide you with a chance to match the symbol(s) you held in the bottom row.

Is there a bonus game?

Yes there is. You must get three ghoul symbols appearing on the reels in order to trigger it. When you manage to do this you have an opportunity to catch some of the ghouls appearing in the game. As you can see, for a simple 3 x 3 slots game this has a lot more packed into it than you may at first think.

Download and play Ghouls Gold today!

Ghouls Gold offers a lot more than the average game of this type. It is very simple to understand and the hold feature makes it a lot more engaging. After a few spins you’ll have the hang of it and this means you can enjoy playing it for a longer period.

The other main advantage is the low wager feature. This means those with even the smallest of budgets can enjoy a major round of spins with Ghouls Gold. Maybe you will win a prize or two and even trigger the bonus round when you give it a try? Start playing today and see how lucky you get when you get started!