Gold Diggers Slots

The introduction to this game tells you that gold was found in the West in 1849. In their quest to find this gold, two men head off to the mines. There, they encountered tons of gold and also met up with a beautiful blond. Gold Diggers Slots is a wonderful 3D slot with animations and music. You may not like the music, and you could turn it off with the sound button at the top left corner of the slot. However, wait until you spin a few rounds so you can hear and see what the characters are saying with each winning combination. You can practice play this slot game directly on your browser or you can join Betonline Casino and play for real money.

Game Facts

Gold Diggers Slots is a 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot. The coin denominations range from 2 cents to $1. The max per spin is $150. There is also an Auto Play button you can utilize at any time. Set in a gold mine, Gold Diggers Slots is quite the slot game, and you can win many payouts. We highly recommend you read the multi-page payable as it will explain all the features in this game.

We Struck Gold!

The three characters in Gold Diggers slots are two men and a woman, although the woman doesn’t do the diggin’. The smaller man will pay out 2500 coins when all five of his symbol appears. The taller man will pay out 2000 coins when all five of him appears. The blond woman will pay out 1500 when all five of her appears. Other symbols of importance include: oil drums, lanterns, trolleys, pick axes, dynamite, a gopher, a poster, and gold nuggets in a pan.

Gold Diggers Features

  • Get five or more Dynamite symbols on a pay line and they will blow up. After which the symbols above will fall into the empty spaces allowing for extra wins. Get five dynamite symbols to win 1000xs your bet.
  • The Gopher Feature: The Gopher is the next special symbol. Get all five and he will pay 150xs your bet. But get three or more of the Gopher symbol to activate the Gopher a Dig feature. When three appear, you will a sign that says Click Me. Once you click on the first gopher, he will dig his way through underground and offer a prize. Click on the next Gopher and you will see him come out of one underground tunnel and go into the next. Again, a prize will be awarded. Finally, click the third Gopher and he will go through the same routine and award you a prize. After all three Gopher symbols are clicked; your total prize amount will be awarded.
  • Gold Diggers Bonus Round: Get three or more Posters and you will trigger the Gold Diggers Bonus Round. Here you will help the two miners find the gold hidden behind the rocks. Once you find the gold, you will be awarded the prize.

Play Gold Diggers Slots at Betonline Casino

Yes, in 1849 there was gold in them thar hills, and these two men along with many others panned for gold during that era. Gold Diggers Slots is an amusing and lucrative slot game and we invite you to play this slot game at Betonline Casino.