Hearts Desire Slots

Are you a gambler but a sucker for love? Does your heart melt at the sight of love rich slots? If this is you, then I couldn't recommend Hearts Desire Slots enough. This love-dovey themed video slot game has got vibrant colors of pink, purple and red to add to the romantic ambiance. There are loads of lovely symbols here, as well as epic features and bonuses. There are tons of reasons you should play this slot, but I will let you be the judge of your decision. However, if you need informing, be sure to keep on reading because I am going to give a non-biased opinion on whether it's worth the hype. So keep on reading if this is what you're into.

Information regarding the slot

Hearts Desire Slots is brought to us by Betsoft. If you have never heard of them, then where have you been for the past decade? This software provider is one of the leading competitors out there, so you can expect some pretty epic things when it comes to the design and aesthetics of the slot. In this slot specifically, you're going to find a 5x3 layout, which I'm already pleasantly surprised by, as it allows tons of winning combinations to be formed easily. There are also 30 paylines for you to enjoy. I am a sucker for easy slots, because life is already challenging enough - we don't need it introduced to our game time either! The RTP, which is the return to player rate has come in at 96.13%, which I'm super delighted with. RTP, which stands for the return to player rate, is vital in video slots because it essentially means how much money you're going to get back. The higher the percentage, the more you're going to have in your pocket! The volatility of the game has been given as high, and the minimum amount that you bet with is 0.3 euros. The maximum is 120 euros.

Features worth mentioning

There are tons of features in Hearts Desire Slots. First of all, there is a progressive jackpot which is unreal, don't you agree? As well as that, there's the wild symbol, scatter symbol, stacked mystery symbol, free spins and much more. Of course, sticking with the theme, I love these types of generous slot games. I mean, who doesn't?