Pinocchio Slots

Pinocchio is a well known fairy tale about a little wooden boy who told tales but thanks to his real understanding and the forgiveness of the fairy he eventually became a real boy. This five reel slots game with its fifteen paylines is a tribute to this famous fairy tale in which Gepetto stars as the father of Pinocchio and his creator just as in the tale. Players may try out the game in fun mode before placing real money bets giving them a chance to get to know the game and understand how it really works.

The Three Worlds and Many Bonus Options

There are a number of complex bonus options in this game that are understood as soon as the player starts playing the game. Players need to collect wooden boys during the game and when five have been collected, they turn to real boys. If the player does not register any winnings or wooden boys on reels 1, 2 and 3 he is treated to fairy re-spins giving him a chance to win more spins. This game includes three different worlds that starts with the workshop world followed by wagons and then books. In each world the player earns extra spins as he progresses and each world has its own bonus feature with the wild scrolls. Gepetto on reels 1,3 and 5 in the workshop world gives the player wild scroll re spins where the wild moves from left to right across the screen. In the wagon world players benefit from 5 re-spins when the wild appears and in the book world, books appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 give the player vertical re-spins . At the end of every winning spin the player can choose to try and double up his winnings by guessing the color of a card to turn over, an incorrect guess will lose the winnings for that spin. This game is filled with hope and promises and life lessons, just like Gepetto and Pinocchio finally understood.