Ride Em Poker

Ride Em Poker is a new and exciting poker game that takes its form from straight poker. The poker table is set up to give each player 3 cards from a single deck. There are three boxes on the table and each box contains the basic payouts. There are fixed odds in this game. A player can choose to play one, two, or three hands at a time. Here are some highlights of this game.

How to Play Ride Em Poker

First you will ante up by placing your chip on the table. The chip will automatically be spread on three bet spots. The first spot is a $ sign, followed by the number 2 and 1. You can also place a side bet of three coins on Bonus in order to play against a bonus pay table as well. To win you need tens or better. After you are dealt the three cards, you can let your bet ride or you can take out one of your bets. Then a 4th card will be revealed and you can again ride or pull the bet.


Ante bets will be paid at the end of the game if your hand has 10s or better. For higher winning hands, for example, you can win up to 1000:1 for a Royal Flush. Note that if you have placed a bonus bet and have a minimum of three of a kind, you will also receive a payout. If you get a Royal Flush on the bonus bet, you will win 20,000xs your bonus bet.

Play Ride Em Poker

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