Tiger's Claw Slots

No one would want to be on the receiving end of such a thing, but when you're playing a slot game you never know what might happen if a tiger's claw popped up.

You are about to find out though, thanks to the release of this slot from Betsoft. It looks just as good as all the others, with stunning background imagery including the Northern Lights. Let's see what else it can offer.

Reels and lines formation

You will receive 720 ways to win prizes on the five-reel format given here. It's not a 5 x 3 format though - instead, you will see a 3-4-5-4-3 format.

Coin values in action

Get things underway with one cent per coin or go higher to reach a dollar at most. The game assumes a bet based on 50 coins per spin.

Does this slot contain any special symbols?

You might expect a tiger to appear here, but the two special icons are taken up by other images. The first is the scatter, appearing in the guise of a shaman. The second is the substitute, which is shown as a mountain. This will only appear on reels two, three, and four. It substitutes for everything apart from the shaman and the free spins icon. (Yes, there is one of those too.)

Tiger's Claw bonus features

So, where does the tiger's claw come into play? It appears in use as the free spins icon. You must find one claw on each of the five reels to secure eight free games. However, if you get more claws than the basic five, you can win more freebies. The idea is to get as many combinations of five as you can. Each time you succeed, another eight free spins is added. To save you the math, that means you can win as many as 96 free spins!

If you manage to trigger it again - which is a possibility - you can secure up to 240 free spins. Can you imagine how many possible prizes you could win if you secured that many? The free games also include the standard 720 ways to win prizes, so that is good to know as well.

Download and play the Tiger's Claw slot today

This game is far better than you might think. It looks good and it can trigger some potentially-large rewards if the symbols fall in your favor.