Triple Edge Poker

Similar to online poker, Triple Edge Poker utilizes a standard 52-card deck. No wilds cards are used. The table used to play this game has three 2-slot places where the cards are dealt. There are no progressive jackpots in this game, and the highest payout is 40:1. Frankly, it doesn’t “stack up” to the more lucrative Ride Em Poker. Here are the highlights about Triple Edge Poker.

How to Play

To win this game, you need to receive payouts for one or two bets. This game has your basic ante bet and additional bet pair plus as well. You are allowed to play one, two, or three boxes on the table. You can bet anywhere from $1 to $250 on each box. First you will ante up; then the dealer will give you three cards in each box. The deal will also get 3 cards. You can keep the cards dealt or fold. If you continue to play, the dealer will turn his cards up. If his cards are not the lowest denomination, the ante bet is paid 1:1. If the dealer’s cards are higher, the player loses. The payouts are as follows: a pair will pay 1:1; a flush will pay 4:1; a straight will pay 6:1; three of a kind will pay 30:1; and the highest payout is for a straight flush at 40:1.

Bonus Games

You can also play bonus games in which you will receive payouts as follows: for a straight (1:1); for three of a kind (4:1); and for a straight flush (5:1).

Play Triple Edge Poker

This is a pretty straightforward poker game, but does not have the feel of a real poker game as others do. If you want to try your luck, we invite you to play Triple Edge Poker at our preferred casinos.