VIP Rewards


BetOnline has become a major player in the online betting industry, establishing itself over no less than a quarter of a century. During that time, it has brought in many highlights, but could any be better than the VIP Rewards on offer?

Start from the Bronze level and see how far you can go

You’re not required to do anything to get into the Bronze VIP area of the site. When you create your account, you’re in – it’s as simple as that. While some people will go no further than Bronze, there is still plenty to look forward to there.

You can claim reload bonuses every day, week, and month for starters. There are sports specific bonuses too, plus a rebate for the casino and the racebook alike. You can even look forward to some spins on your birthday and a special reload on the same day.

Will you unlock Silver or beyond?

If you reach beyond Silver, you’ll find Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, and finally Black… the ultimate levels of the program. BetOnline offers three levels for each area from Platinum upward, reserved only for those who are serious about making the most of the site.

The best rewards are reserved for the upper levels of the VIP program at BetOnline

You might have guessed this, since it holds true for all other programs and sites, too. However, there are many perks to look forward to for those reaching those desired levels.

Whether it is a VIP host or a range of tailor-made bonuses, you simply never know what is around the next corner at BetOnline. You can easily discover all the features of each level though and consider what you can look forward to even if you never progress beyond Bronze.

Multiple bonus potential all the way with the BetOnline VIP program

You can tell by now that the program waits for no one… and welcomes everyone. If you are keen to sign up for some sportsbook action or casino play at BetOnline, you can get the lot and enjoy some VIP status as well. With bonuses coming at you from all directions, you’ll want to make the most of them all. You know what to do – and where to sign up.