Blood Eternal Slots

Betsoft gaming, a heavy weight in the online casino gaming industry, taps into the supernatural in the form of Blood Eternal, a stupendous, video slot that will be released soon.

About The Game

Blood Eternal comes in six reels with 30 pay lines. This visually stunning slot is all about the mystique of the vampire. All the symbols reflect the haunting, dark romantic world of this eternal, supernatural being. The wild symbol is represented by the official wild symbol. When this symbol lands on the pay lines, it will replace all the other icons, except for free spins icons. The more of these that land during regular game play, the greater the winning multiplier will become. Getting all six to land, is good enough for a six times winning multiplier.

And when it comes to free spins, Blood Eternal offers three different ways to commence the free spins bonus round. The first way is when the vampire icon lands directly after the human victim icon. This fateful tandem and scenario, can only take place on the second and fifth reels. You will then play with eight free spins, and while in this bonus round, if this pair lands during the exact same manner, you will be granted an additional eight free spins.

The second scenario to trigger the free spins round, is to land the vampire biting the human girl, pair icon. When this happens, you will play the free spins round with eight free spins, with the reels locked in place, with this icon serving as a bonus wild. And the third way to enter the free spins round is to land both the male and female human icons. These will only land on the third and fourth reels during regular game play. Under this scenario, they will trigger a blood spatter wild icon during the bonus round, which can influence other icons to turn into higher paying ones.

In liu of the traditional scatter which normally serves as a winning multiplier, Blood Eternal uses bats both as singles, and as doubles, to impact winning multipliers. All in all you can earn as high as 12 times winning multipliers.

Coming soon is Betsoft’s latest wonder, Blood Eternal, a cutting edge slot that delves into the fabled, dark world of the vampire. You’ll be able to place your own bets, or play them out automatically with auto play mode across 30 pay lines.