Legend of the Nile Slots

In one of the most awesome slot games I have ever seen with its Egyptian Theme, Legend of the Nile brings back many memories for me. I have sailed on the Nile in a Felucca, and have visited all of the marvelous sites in Aswan, Luxor, the Temple in Abu Simbel, the Temple of Ramses, Pyramids, and more. Thus it gives me great pleasure to review Legend of the Nile Slots that was just released by Betsoft. With the Sphinx to the right of the slot, and the Pyramid in the background as well as a monolith to the left with pictures of the most well known symbols to the left, this is truly one of the most picturesque slot games I’ve played. The graphics are exquisite and the special features will leave you breathless. This is a very lucrative slot game and one that will garner you huge payouts.

Game Facts

Legend of the Nile is an exciting new progressive video slot with 7x7 cascading slot symbols with cluster pays and exploding winds. The coin sizes range from one cent to $1, with a max bet of $150 per spin. The Bet Level is 5 coins per line. You also have a chance of winning up to 112,270 coins playing this slot game. At the bottom of the slot game you will find Choose Coin, Bet Level, Win, Max Bet, Spin, Double Up and Auto Play. But to the left of the slot, you will find an incredible array of special features. Under the jackpot window, there is a X400 total, followed by four Free Spins. At the bottom of this tube like structure, there will be a picture of Ra, Anubis, and Isis. These will come into play once you begin the game. We definitely advise you to read the multi-page pay table as it contains the symbols, payouts, and all the special features. Each time you spin and win, Ra, which is the bottom symbol to the left, will light up in green and continue up the tube collecting the free spins and all the special features assigned with the three figures.

Ra Power Bar

When you get one or more Ra symbols, you will be awarded a cash prize and advance on the Ra Power Bar. The bar will reset after each spin. When you get from 1 to 20 Ra symbols, you will be paid from 1xs to 20xs your bet. You will also have a chance to win free spins. They will be given as you advance in the Ra Bar. When you get 8 Ra symbols you will win 8 free spins; 9 Ra symbols will award you an additional 2 free spins; 12 Ra symbols will award you 2 additional spins, 15 Ra symbols will award you an additional 3 free spins; 17 Ra symbols will award you 400xs your total bet; and 20 Ra symbols will win you the progressive jackpot.

Anubis Trail Bar

The same concept is at work here as the Ra Power Bar, except the payouts are much higher. Get 4 Anubis symbols to 20 or more Anubis symbols to win 25,000 coins. You will also earn free spins in this segment as well. During the free spins round, you can win up to 100,000 when 20 or more Anubis symbols appear in the free spins round. Once again, watch the bar with each Anubis combination you make as it reaches the top of the bar.

The Isis Trail Bar

Once again, you will have the opportunity to make huge payouts and receive multiple free spins. Get 4 or more Isis symbols up to 20 and receive 25,000 coins. During the free spins round, if you get 20 or more Isis symbols, you will win 75,000 coins. Watch the Isis Trail as it too reaches the top of the bar.

The Wild Symbol

The Pyramid Symbol is the wild symbol and will substitute for all other symbols except Ra, Anubis, Upgraded Anubis, Isis, and Upgraded Isis. A cluster of wilds will substitute for all adjacent symbols. Get from four to 20 Pyramid symbols to win the 30,000 bonus.

High, Mid, and Standard Symbols

In these categories, the following symbols will appear: King Tut and Mask will pay up to 20,000 coins when you get all 20. The Eye of Ra and the Ankh will pay up to 7500 coins when you get all 20 of either. The Bird, and two hieroglyphs will pay up to 2250 and 1500 respectively when you get all 20.

Cluster Wins and Exploding Wins

All wins except for the Ra symbols are triggered by a cluster of 4 or more symbols. All winning symbols will explode in this game. The remaining symbols will then drop down and fill the voids. This enables new winning combinations to appear.

The Double Up Game

You may certainly be familiar with this Heads or Tails game. You can double up 50% of your winnings or ALL of your winnings.

Play the New Legend of the Nile Slots

As long as I have been reviewing slot games, Egyptian theme-based slots have captured the thrill of the game with our US players. This game goes beyond the pale and is going to become one of the leading Egyptian theme-based slots online. Count on it! We invite you to play this incredible new slot game from Betsoft – Legend of the Nile.