Frog Hunter Slots

To hunt or to be hunted, is the question that Betsoft puts forth in their charming, animated slot, Frog Hunter.

About Frog Hunter Slots

Time to get your feet wet in this animated, five reel slot that comes in five pay lines. The game play takes place in the middle of a pond. All the symbols in this game reflect the world of the frog. An important symbol in Frog Hunter is the lily pad. When three of these land, you will commence the lily pad bonus where the aim is to guide the frog over the correct lily pads to get across the pond. But take heed, for if you pick the wrong lily pad, you will fall into the pond and into the waiting jaws of the crocodile. And for each correct hop, the winning multiplier will pay out anywhere between a 2 times to a 20 winning multiplier.

Another key symbol is the dragon fly. If this symbol lands on the fringes of the male and the female frog, then you will begin the dragonfly bonus. The other game symbols featured here, are the aforementioned male and female frogs, lily pads, the crocodile, the dragonfly, watermelon slices, a plum, a lemon, and cherries. Regular game play wins are determined from the left of the reel to the right by getting three of a kind of an icon to land on the reel. After scoring a win, the frogs may make noises and hop around for extra effects. Frog Hunter makes it easy to score winning combinations, with many of the symbols sharing similar if not identical coin amounts. The male frog and female frog, along with the crocodile, dragonfly and watermelon slices, will pay out 100 coins for landing five on the pay line.

Five of the plums pays out 80 coins, and five of the cherries will pay out a respectful 50 coins. Frog Hunter lets you place your own bets or arrange them in a sequence through auto play mode. The minimum bet is two pennies to get hopping around. And after every win, you will have the chance to either double or even triple your winning amount. Based on the flash engine and fully optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, Frog Hunter can be played at several online casinos, either instantly online or downloaded to your preferred mobile device.