The Ghouls Slots

Facing up to some ghouls is not the most appealing thing you’ve ever thought of doing, we’re certain of that. But there are some ghouls in this game, and since it is ideal for braving at Halloween or when the evenings are dark, it makes sense to brave our review of it before you play for real. Are you feeling confident enough to give it a try?

Reels and lines formation

The Ghouls mentions them in plural and you’ll get lines in plural too – 20 of them, appearing over five reels.

Coin values in action

Two cents is as low as you can go per line here, but you can max out your bet for each spin at $150 if you prefer.

Does this slot contain any special symbols?

Think Halloween, think pumpkins… and you will find one as the wild in this game. It wouldn’t be complete without a haunted house either. You will see those popping up on the reels too… and you will want them to. In fact, if you can complete a paid line with five haunted houses, the progressive jackpot will be all yours!

There are a couple of scatters too – the vampire and the gravestone. Nice!

The Ghouls bonus features

Can you see any vampires on these reels? Find three, four, or five anywhere in the game and five, 10, or 20 games respectively will be yours to play.

There is also a bonus to be enjoyed on another screen. This takes you into a graveyard to go in search of prizes. To do this, you must find three or more gravestones in a spin of the base game reels. Once you are there, pick a grave and see if there is a prize inside. If there is, you get to pick again. If there is a message saying ‘collect’, well... you know that means the end of the round, and you’ll go back to the base game.

Download and play The Ghouls slot today… if you dare!

This is a good slot, very nicely designed around the horror theme without being too freaky. With vampires, graves, and pumpkins adorning the reels – and that progressive pot to try and win too – you won’t find it difficult to find reasons to play The Ghouls slot game. Unless, of course, you aren’t feeling brave enough today. But we think you are…