Sleighin' It Slots

Do you love the Christmas holiday so much you wish it would never end? With Sleighin' It Slots, you can celebrate the magic of the holiday season all year. This thrilling slot from Betsoft gaming group gives players a chance to win loads of presents via wild reels, free spins bonuses, wandering wilds, and jackpot opportunities. Players can take advantage of bonus symbols and take home big sacks of prizes. Sleighin' It Slots is available not only on desktop computers but also via mobile phones and tablets, making it the perfect online slot game to play on the go. With 30 paylines and a wealth of special symbols and bonus features, Sleighin' It Slots allows every player to be a big winner.

How To Play & Win At Sleighin' It Slots

After choosing their wager, players can take home big prizes in Sleighin' It Slots by landing three or more matching symbols on the holiday-themed reels. The game also comes with a stacked wild gift feature that will give players a lot of cash, as well. If a player lands bonus sacks on the odd-numbered reels, they will get to choose one of the four offered bonus features. The wild bonus feature can be activated, and three stacked wild symbols will stick in place while the rest of the reels spin again. This gives players an extra chance to win even more money upon the reels of Sleighin' It Slots.

Game Symbols In Sleighin' It Slots Bring Christmas Magic & Cash

The game is holiday-themed, meaning the symbols will be within the holiday realm. Players can expect to see symbols in Sleighin' It Slots that include bonus sacks, Santa, Rudolph, a candy truck, dolls, and baubles. The bonus sacks symbols are the key to getting to the free spin feature, so they are quite coveted. However, other symbols also come with hefty payouts. For example, the Santa symbol in Sleighin' It Slots can give a player a prize of up to 160x their wager. The Rudolph symbols can pay out up to 80x the original wager, with the candy truck symbols paying out up to 40x their wager. The doll symbol still pays out nicely up to 24x the original wager, with the baubles being the lowest paying symbol and paying out up to 12x the original wager.

If you are a Christmas holiday lover, Sleighin' It Slots will give your holiday-loving heart just what it needs anytime.