Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop Slots
One of the most popular games one can play on Facebook is Candy Crush. I am a fan of that game as well. I am also a fan of Bejeweled as well. Combine these two fantastic apps and you will come up with Sugar Pop Slots. The design of this slot game is so different from any slot game you’ve played, and its popularity has risen since it first came out several months ago. This 3D slot has candy symbols, special candies, level up, and a bonus pattern. Let’s take a closer look.

Game Facts

Our recommendation is to read the pay table before you begin to play the game, because there is a lot going on in this game. The coin sizes range from two cents to fifty cents, with a max bet of $250. If you cannot afford to bet the max, you can use the lower coin denominations. To the left side of the slot machine is the Sugar Pop Meter. This will determine the level you can reach when you get a number of winning combinations. It also shows that there are 5 bonus patterns that we will explain later. There is also an Auto Play button for your convenience.

Candy Anyone?

In Sugar Pop Slots, there are two types of candies: regular and special. The regular candies are shown in the pay table and when you get three or more of the same candy, you win. The red candy pays out 100xs your bet. Then there are the bonus patterns or pay lines. Sugar Pop has an all ways pay scheme. This means that you not only receive rewards for combinations that touch horizontally, but also if they come up vertically, horizontally and vertically, and a combination of both. During the regular game, a special candy may appear, such as a green candy. When you get a winning combination, the candies will pop and new candies will cascade down from the top, allowing for additional wins.

Special Candies

Two of the special candies are: the Super Color Candy, that is, the red ball candy for example. Get 4 of these in a winning combination and they will turn into a super color candy and multiply. The Color Bomb, when all five appear on the reels, will turn into a special color bomb symbol of matching color. If this combines with the same like colors on the reels, all of the symbols will explode.

Level Up

There are specific candies that will appear on each level. You can read the pay table and see for yourself what candies will show up on what levels. Note there are 20 levels in this game.

Play Sugar Pop Slots

The design and components in this game are awesome. Be sure to read the pay table or test out the game before you play for real money so that you know exactly how to properly play Sugar Pop Slots at our preferred casinos.