The Slotfather Slots

Meet Sammy Quick Fingers, Fat Tony, Frankie the Fixer, and of course the infamous Slotfather himself. This notorious underworld crew rules the city from within its darkest corners. Slotfather is the undisputed boss from the gang, and from the online slot machine title that carries his name. In Slotfather Slots from Betsoft Gaming, the big boss loves to offer jackpots that players are not able to refuse. Those gamblers who want to be a part of this game, must pay their respects to the Capo di tutti capi or boss of all bosses, since he is the one who holds all the criminal slot reel strings. Slotfather controls an organized slot syndicate that covers the whole city, and he has taken over the internet as well with his powerful slot game features. Some of these features are the 30 win opportunity providing pay-lines, the bonus round in which players get to meet the Slotfather himself, and a click me feature that comes with a maximum instant payout of 500 credits.

Stylish Gangsters in a Stylish Game

Besides being known for their ruthless and criminal approach to doing business, Italian gangsters are also known for their sense of style. They love to wear designer suits, they drive in luxurious cars and they were the finest jewelries. Therefore, it will only be logical that Slotfather Slots oozes the same kind of style as that of the gangsters that it portrays.

Luckily, with a high end software developer like Betsoft Gaming as the driving force behind the game, the design part is in very good hands. All the design elements are cleverly mixed with fun gangster themed story lines, funny sound bites, Godfather like background tunes, and cartoonish animations. The end result is a rich online slot machine game that really captures the old school mobster atmosphere, without becoming too serious, bloody or grim. Having fun is all that counts, and players will certainly have a lot of it when they play this neatly designed game.

How to Play the Slots Like a True Gangster

Design and game play neatly flow over in each other at the main game screen. For example, most of the game adjustment buttons are placed on typical gangster items. The 'bet per line', 'select lines' and 'max bet' functions are printed on hats, while the 'spin' and 'autoplay' functions can be triggered with a click on the classic gangster style Tommy gun.

The 'choose coin bet' option can be found on the bottom left side of the screen. The coin bet amounts range from $0.02 to $1.00. With the 'bet per line button', gamblers can choose to play with 1 to 5 credits per line. The game has a total of 30 win-lines, and some or all of them can be activated via the 'select lines' option. The 'max bet' option is available for those players with big bankrolls who like to make the most risky and most lucrative bets. 'Autoplay' puts the whole gangster themed show on autopilot, and a push on the spin button activates the 5 available reels.

Furthermore, on the top left side of the regular game screen, participants can see the current jackpot amount. It is there to motivate them to keep spinning, because it usually displays very big amounts that can suddenly drop and make a person very rich. The 'payouts' link to the pay table can be found on the top right side of the screen. Lastly, serious gamblers should especially pay attention when they launch the game as there will first be a short introduction in which all the special features are introduced and briefly explained by the gangster boss.

Become a Successful Slot Reel Symbol Hitman

The attributes on the reels of this game are perfect targets for accurate symbol hitman. They all have something to do with the Italian gangster lifestyle. These symbols need to be placed on active pay-lines in order for them to form line payouts. In addition, they also need to be spun on those lines in certain quantities and in a certain order. 5 similar symbol hits give the best payout results. These payouts can even turn into great jackpot prizes when reel spinners manage to land 5 similar Slotfather symbols on active pay-lines while they also play with a maximum bet amount.

The older gangster with the handgun is a very lucrative symbol to spin 5 times, because he will then reward a top prize of 200 credits. The sneeky gangster, who is also an instant win trigger, hands out a top reward of 180 credits. The suitcase with cash provides its value when it grants you a top win of 160 credits. The classic car does not only look beautiful, but it also is worth a maximum amount of 150 credits. A bottle of wine and a wine glass also fill spots on the reels, and 5 of them are good for a top prize of 120 credits. The hand with the ring is connected to a top prize of 100 credits, and the classic Tommy gun rewards the same top prize. A delicious looking plate full of Italian made spaghetti is also worth the spin because of its 80 credit top prize. The map of Italy shows the beloved motherland of the gangsters, and it can trigger a maximum coin reward of 60 credits. This prize amount can also be won when a player spins 5 cigars. Lastly, there is the newspaper with a front-page report about the Slotfather. This is the lowest paying symbol in the game, but it is still able to reward players with a 40 credit prize. All the line payout symbols, together with game rule explanations, are visible in the pay table tab. Players can read and study this tab when they click on 'payouts' at the top right side of the main game screen.

Play the Sneeky Instant Win With Sammy Quick Fingers

The sneeky gangster attribute of Sammy Quick Fingers has to land on both sides of the cash filled suitcase logo at the reel lines one, two or three. Those are the only positions on which the feature can be triggered. The sneeky instant win round will start when the symbols take their position on the reel spots.

Once the feature becomes active, you will see that the sneeky gangster can't take his hands off the suitcase attributes next to him. He will reach out from his position on the reels to grab some cash from the stack in the suitcase. He brings the stolen money back to his symbol spot, and as a result, players are rewarded with the instantly stolen bonus credits.

Frankie the Fixer Fixes Multiplier Mob Free Spins

Gamers earn multiplier mob free spins when the old gangster attribute of Frankie the Fixer shows up on the Tommy gun icon's left and right side and on the line numbers one, two and three. These are the only line hits that can activate the feature. When the feature is triggered, the old gangster cannot control his trigger finger anymore. He will grab the Tommy gun in the symbol spot next to him, and then he will spray some lead on the game screen. Bullet holes will appear, and the player needs to select one of these holes. A free spins price and a win multiplier will then be revealed. These awards range from three to ten complimentary spins, and a one to three times line win payout when the free spins feature is active. Additionally, 30 credits will also be a part of the reward package.

Fat Joe Can Launch the Underboss Scatter

The symbol of Fat Joe the underboss needs to take its position on at least three reel spots in order for it to launch the underboss scatter feature. Any reel position is a valid spot. During the feature, every attribute on the game screen will display the word scatter on it, and every attribute will turn into a scatter pay. Scatter payouts provide the same win amounts as the line payouts from every regular attribute's scatter score, multiplied by the played pay-line percentage.

Don't Refuse to Play the Bonus Round

Some offers cannot be refused, and especially when they are made by the Slotfather. Players need to bring in money for the mob boss. It is their task to supply the city's businesses with slot machines. Three from a total of six businesses need to be chosen as locations for the slots machines. Chosen businesses will receive the Slotfather's slots and they will start to earn money. These earnings will then end up in the bonus indicator. Gamblers return to the Italian restaurant once they have made all of their three choices out of the six available locations. The Slotfather then invites them back to his table. At this table, he and his criminal buddies will have a look at the business success that the player has enforced, and then he or she will be rewarded appropriately. Lastly, gamers who aim to play this feature, should remember that it can be triggered on every activated win-line.

Crime Really Pays Off in the Slotfather Slots

Who ever said that a life of crime doesn't pay? In the Slotfather Slots from Betsoft Gaming, they most certainly do. In fact, they pay out really well, and the good thing is, all the criminal endeavors in this online slot machine are completely legal. That is, if the participating player is 18 years or older of course.

So every player has a unique chance to pursue the guilty pleasure of being a feared but also respected mobster without having to worry about the possibility of going to jail. This game is available as a free version that delivers high levels of fun, but when it is all about making bucks, then players will find this game highly enjoyable as well. After all, making a lot of bucks is something that Italian gangsters are especially good it. And they make their precious bucks in style, so reel spinners can look forward to become rich in a very sophisticated way when they decide to play this criminally good slot title.