Mamma Mia Slots

Betsoft invites you into the virtual kitchen of the master chef, Salvatore. The pressure is on for our happy going chef, for he is determined to assemble the master menu to impress an important food critic. Help Salvatore make a meal of a lifetime en route to cash and prizes at Mamma Mia Slots.

About Mamma Mia

This visually crisp, interactive, video slot, comes in five reels with 30 pay lines. The game play takes place in Salvatore’s kitchen. An interesting note about this game, is that Salvatore works in the background, preparing meals as the reels spin. All the symbols reflect the culinary theme. The wild symbol is represented by both the regular wild and the locked wild. The regular wild will replace all the other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol. An interesting aspect to this game is the ability to lock wilds in place. When you opt to lock a wild, you will have to bet a certain amount. The advantage of this is holding the reel in place as you spin the reels, to increase the chances of scoring a winning combination.

The scatter symbol consists of both the critics wild and pizza free spins round. It takes landing at least three of this symbol to trigger this bonus round. The pressure is on in this bonus round for Salvatore to come up with the perfect dish by using the least amount of ingredients to please the chef. The free spins round can be reached by landing at least three of the pizza icons on the pay line. During the free spins round, you will start off with five free spins, along with an entirely different set of icons to play with. In this round the highest paying symbol is the pepperoni, which can pay as high as 1,000 coins for landing five on the pay line.

The other game symbols include the master chef, Salvatore himself, patrons, a plate of food, a menu, a newspaper, wine bottles, a boiling pot, and sliced ingredients. The aim is to land three of a kind of a symbol to score a winning combination. Salvatore is the highest paying symbol. Getting five of a kind of this icon to land, is good for 500 coins. Place your own bets or place them in advance through auto play mode.