Max Quest: Dragon Stone Slots

If you know anything about Max Quest, you’ll know that this is a different series of games (yes, it’s a series) that tempts you to check out some unique features. If you fancy ditching the slots for a bit, this game could well be what you have been looking for.

The trailer alone looks huge, and when you realize who has created this game, you won’t want to miss your own chance to try Max Quest: Dragon Stone. Read our full review of the game first, though.

Who came up with the Max Quest series?

The games come from Betsoft. They are arguably better known for their 3D slots, but they’re carving a niche for themselves with the Max Quest series too.

Demo details

Never has it been more important to try a demo game than it is here. Max Quest titles are nothing like anything else you’ll see from Betsoft, so make sure you load the demo for Max Quest: Dragon Stone to give it a try.

A dragon theme, perhaps?

Yes, and in this case, we find ourselves in a mountainous area. Watch out for the fortress… oh, and are those dragons we see there? Don’t assume you’re going to see cute little dragons in this case – very much the opposite, in fact, with fire-breathing creatures welcoming us in the trailer alone…

Another stunning design from Betsoft

Did you expect anything else? Their 3D slots never disappoint, so when we heard they were going to apply their skills to an RPG game with some similarities to slots, we knew we were in for a wonderful time. Dragon Stone is a superb game to check out visually.

Does this play like a slot game?

No – don’t expect any reels, symbols, or even progressive jackpots in this title. You’re going to see a map instead, and you can choose which room you would like to play in. These are priced differently, so you can choose one to fit with your gaming budget, as you would with a slot and your bet amount. The idea is to fire your weapon and try to hit the creatures moving around.

Paylines are out of bounds in this dragon-filled game

None of the Max Quest games have paylines as they don’t work like regular slot games do.

Each room requires a different wager

The rooms go from a few cents apiece to a dollar in other Max Quest titles, and it looks as if this one is going to work out the same.

Where is the paytable?

While the game doesn’t work like a slot, it still has rules to follow. You can read through these and learn more about the game, the enemies, the weapons, and so on by selecting the question mark. We recommend doing this before doing anything else.

Bonus features in Max Quest: Dragon Stone

We’ll update our review with accurate info about the bonus features when the game is released. However, we know from previous titles in the series that gems, free to use weapons, and quests are often hidden within the game. we expect something similar to occur here.

Free spins… or free bullets?

We are hoping for the latter because other titles in Max Quest have seen weapons dropped by some of the creatures on the screen. When this happens, you can pick up a weapon and use it without paying to fire the bullets. Of course, once you run out, you drop that empty weapon and go back to the regular one you begin the game with. We hope that is the same here too.

RTP information

Again, this should become clearer once the game comes out. However, other Max Quest games sit at around the 97.5% return to player percentage, so we suspect this one will be much the same.

Is this sequel going to receive our top rating?

It may well do if the theme is as good as it looks in the trailer. We’ve ranked other titles at around the 8/10 mark, so we cannot see ourselves going lower with this one.

What is the prize potential in Max Quest: Dragon Stone?

It should be pretty good, based on the bet you choose when entering the room. Watch out for the multiplier for the top prize payout when the game drops.

Play just to try it first

It has never been more important to try a game before betting on it with your gaming budget. If you’ve tried other titles in the Max Quest collection, you’ll know how true this is. If this is your first time trying a title, make sure you enter the demo version first.

Play for real from a few cents per room

Once you get the hang of playing the demo and working out how everything pans out, you can choose to switch to some real play. Will you do it and if so, what might occur? Will the dragons help or hinder you?

Mobile access should be fine

Other Betsoft titles always work well on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, so we expect this one to work just fine as well.