Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

The forces of good and evil have never been more intense and for that matter, rewarding in Betsoft’s smash hit, Good Girl Bad Girl.

About The Game

Standing apart from other slot games, Good Girl Versus Bad Girls allows you to choose your hero, either the angel or the sultry devil to fight the good fight. Another innovative feature to this five reel game, is the split screen, capturing real time reactions between the angel and the devil as your fate is determined with each spin of the reels.

If you elect to play in the good mode, the pay lines will pay out from left to right. Its also important to note that win totals will vary, based on who you are playing with. For example in the bonus rounds, if you are playing as the angel, your wins will be smaller, since the game perceives you are taking less risk.

If you opt to play as the devil, the pay lines will shift from paying out from right to left. And because playing as the devil incurs higher risk, you will receive higher pay outs in the bonus rounds. The same is true in regular game play. The good girl will pay out less on most occasions, compared to the devil.

Good Girl Bad Girl, features 15 pay lines with two progressive jackpots. Each jackpot represents either the good girl or the bad girl. And if you decide to change your mind on the fly, players can play as both characters at the same time. The advantages to this means potentially higher pay outs, but it also involves double the credits you must wager with. Bets start off as small as two pennies.

About The Symbols

The symbols in Good Girl Versus Bad Girl, are money wheels, and pitchforks which serve as a 4 time winning multipliers. Another symbol is the halo which serves as the wild icon. Landing a halo can double payouts, considering it will replace most of the other game symbols. And if you should land both the halo and the pitchfork on the same reel, then the click-me bonus game will commence. After scoring a win, you will have the opportunity to double up your winnings by correctly guessing between the good girl or bad girl from a coin flip.

About The Bonuses

The main bonus round is started by landing at least three of the money wheel symbols on the reel. Once in this bonus round, you spin the wheel to either win prizes or free spins. And depending on which character you are currently playing with while in the money wheel bonus round, will determine which progressive jackpot you will potentially receive.