Mad Scientist Slots

As the title implies, Mad Scientist is a theme-based slot. The graphics contain all the items you would find in a lab, as well as some that you would not find. The Mad Scientist does work with some dangerous material, but that doesn’t stop him from achieving his goal – whatever that is. Mad Scientist is a 3D slot that all the elements you would find in this brand of slot play. We invite you to play Mad Scientist Slots at Betonline Casino.

Game Facts

Mad Scientist is a 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video 3D slot. The coin sizes range from two cents to $1, with a max bet of $100 per spin. When you win, the symbols will set off some strange reactions, so beware. There is an Auto Play button available for your convenience. There is also a Bonus Overview button in the upper left hand corner of the slot that will show you what the bonus round looks like. We recommend you read the multi-page pay table containing all the symbols, payouts, bonus features, and rules.

Is the Scientist Mad or Brilliant?

The symbols in Mad Scientist include: a glass ball, a Danger sign, a gigawatt meter, atoms, a switch, a beaker, a blackboard, and a wild’o’cution Tesla Coil. Get all five glass balls to win 5000 coins. The Blackboard is the wild symbol. The wild symbols substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus, scatter, pick me, and wild’o’cution Tesla coil combo.

Bonus Features

Get three scatter bonus symbols will take you to the bonus round on a second screen. Get three or more switches to win scatter payouts. Bet the Bio Pick me feature during the regular game and win up to 175 credits. Get the Wild’o’Cution symbol on a single row and it will change into a wild.

  • To get to the Great Experiment Bonus Round, you will need to get three scatter symbols. You will be joining the Scientist in his final test that is, turning serum to gold. Get more than 3 bonus round symbols and receive multiplied wins. You will also be asked to choose four objects to begin the experiment. When you do, the scientist will drop his serum on that object and it will turn either to bronze, silver, or pure gold. You will be awarded once the experiment is completed.
  • When the Wild’o’cution symbol appears on reels 1 and 5, on pay line 1, 2, or 3, the Wild’o’cution round will commence. The coils will activate, thus shocking themselves and the symbols between them will turn into wild symbols.
  • The Bio Pick Me feature will commence when you get three or more of this symbol. You can win anywhere from 125 to 175 coins multiplied by per bet per line.

Play Mad Scientist Slots at Betonline Casino

While the introduction to this game and the review that follows may seem a bit boring or complicated, we assure you that this is a very lucrative game when you bet the max. The bonus round is especially exciting. So play Mad Scientist Slots at out featured casino and see how all of this scientific mumbo jumbo really comes together.