Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

Max Quest – Mission: Amazon is a mouthful for a title. No doubt you have heard of the Max Quest games and if so, you may already know that these are unlike your usual slot games.

This Amazonian entry into the series is the newest release, so details are sketchier than we have seen for their other games. However, we have more information for you here, so if you fancy a change from your regular slots, this is the game to try.

Created by the same Max Quest developer

You guessed it would be from the same developer, which in this case is Betsoft. They are behind many successful 3D slots, and they are becoming better known for this series of games too.

Demo accessibility

Since this is different to anything else you’ve tried, knowing they have a demo to play is reassuring. This is certainly the way to begin if you can.

Theme details

Max Quest always takes on a quest-style approach. However, in this case we find ourselves in the Amazon, and there are all kinds of freaky monsters waiting for us there…

Top marks for another superb design

To say this game is immersive is about as close as we can get to describing how impressive it is. You need to try it for yourself to see how good it is. All the monsters and creatures look almost real. We hope they’re not…

How to play Max Quest – Mission: Amazon

There are no reels to start spinning. The idea is to go up against all manner of enemies to try and secure some prizes. There are different rooms to go into before you start the game, so select one of those and wait for the resulting room to load.

You’ll see all kinds of creatures wandering around. Each one has its own energy bar. To get rid of a creature and score a prize, you must hit it enough times to wipe out its energy.

Paylines aren’t available

You would have guessed that no doubt, as this isn’t a traditional slot game. Just hit your enemies enough times to receive the prize associated with each one. Some are tougher to hit than others but give bigger prizes when you wipe them out.

Bets equate to different rooms

Each room seen at the start of the game has a different value. The starting amount is just three cents, but other values go higher to the maximum of $1. However, you’ll also spend money whenever you fire at an enemy. Check the value of the bullets you are going to use before you begin, otherwise you could drain your budget faster than you might expect.

Paytable details

When the game loads, it displays several screens that are packed with information. We recommend looking through them first and reading about the game using the various links and screens they provide for you.

Bonuses in this Max Quest title

Look out for weapons to appear on the screen as you play. Some of the enemies wandering around will have these, and if you can pick one up, you can use it for free until it runs empty. Since you pay for each bullet you fire in your own pistol, collecting a weapon means you get the chance to use some bullets without paying for it.

The game also contains five assorted quests. Creatures on the screen can drop random items as they go. You must collect these to see if you can find the right ones to trigger a quest. Each one needs three items, so just pick them up whenever you see them; the game triggers a quest whenever you get the right ones in that case.

Your enemies can also drop gems along the way, resulting in prizes for you, and further wins can be created whenever an enemy is taken out of play by you.

Free spins? Not in this game

It isn’t played like a slot game, as you know by now, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are no free games to get here. You do have those free bullets instead though, so that is the change here.

A decent RTP percentage

Betsoft lists this return to player percentage as 97.5%, and you won’t find many games a lot better than that.

Our rating for the latest Max Quest instalment

This is a great game if you like RPG-style games to play. It may appeal to some slot players looking for a change, but others will pass it over, we suspect. That said, we’ve tried it and we’re ranking it with 8 out of 10 points on our scale.

Game prize potential

The title offers up to 6,000x the amount highlighted in your room. So, if you enter a three-cent room, you could net up to 6,000x that amount.

Play for practice first

It has never been more important to check out the demo of a game than it is here. If you launch straight into the real thing, you could lose some cash while figuring out what is happening. Try the demo, experiment with some strategies, and then decide whether to play for real.

You can try the real thing at Betsoft casinos

You’ll find lots of those around, so look for the Max Quest series and find the Mission: Amazon title there as soon as you can.

Mobile access is cool too

We preferred playing on a larger computer screen, but you can equally play on a touchscreen device on Android or iOS if you wish.